"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping to learn rather than teaching them "


What is coaching?

Coaching involves identifying and creating strategies for manifesting specific and meaningful goals for personal growth, outcomes at work, in your relationships and all areas of your life.


As a Psychosynthesis Life Coach, my approach holds a holistic view of human nature, where unique and inherent potential in each of us, and the urge to actualize this, is acknowledged. This 'soul-centred' way of working weaves together recognised coaching principles with dynamic, transformative models grounded in Psychosynthesis psychology. 


Our work together involves uncovering unconscious limiting mindsets that keep you feeling stuck or in a cycle of self sabotage; helping you recognise your core qualities and values; identifying untapped outer resources and opportunities; and unleashing your potential by activating your will in service of your life's purpose.


Charlotte supports with one-to-one coaching, cultivating creative reflection and personal transformation; held in the cosy and confidential In COURAGE summer house.

Who has coaching?

People seek coaching for all manner of reasons: some have a clear vision but no idea where to start or how to actualise it; others wake up one morning feeling lost and confused as to who they really are or what they want from life. Psychosynthesis coaching can help you uncover why you're stuck, break through fears and empower you with the courage and tools to move your life forward. Coaching support can be a life-changing if you:


  • Feel stuck/lost & want to find clear direction in life

  • Want support navigating difficult life circumstances

  • Want to stop procrastinating & make important decisions

  • Want to stop self-sabotaging & focus on your goals

  • Want to change/improve life balance and relationships

  • Want to change your career or drive professional progression

  • Are ready to take action & bring your vision to life

  • Want to tackle limiting mindsets & realise your self worth

  • Want to activate your motivation & self accountability

  • Lack the time, tools & support from others

Coaching works

Psychosynthesis coaching is so effective because of its psychological grounding and in-depth understanding of human nature; held at its core is the power of connecting you to your innate will to self actualise. Through collaborative self exploration, the co-creative coaching relationship helps to unlock your potential and maximise your personal and professional performance.

As clients cultivate more authentic connection to their inner self and begin to make positive changes in alignment with their life purpose and values, they experience increased clarity and confidence, reduced stress and anxiety, and a sense of fulfillment, internal harmony and wholeness. It is a process of authentic transformation to becoming the best YOU!

How I work

One-to-one Coaching
Through collaborative self exploration, my co-creative approach helps you to unlock your potential and maximise your personal and professional performance; guiding you to learn from within, rather than tell you what to do. Here is what to expect:


6 Session Set
The psychosynthesis coaching model is structured in a short term 6 session model referred to as a 'set'. Each 'set' is focused upon a realistic 3 month goal, and each 1 hour session works with the will of the coachee to manifest manageable actions towards actualising their goal. At the end of each set, we review the progress and if appropriate, continue towards or define a new goal for the next 'set'.


Where and how often?
Face to Face coaching sessions take place at my practice in Bedford; online sessions are through available through skype or zoom. Sessions are bi-weekly* and ideally at a similar time for consistency. Bi-weekly coaching allows time between sessions to put what was identified into action.
*If you are unable to make a session, we work together to find the best way to hold the frame for our work to continue. 

Areas of Coaching 
Life Meaning & Purpose | Self Identity | Friendships & Relationships | Challenging Family Dynamics | Inner Leadership | Career & Business |
Health & Wellbeing | Confidence & Self Esteem | Work/Life Balance | Stress Management | Financial Struggles| Personal Aspirations | Spirituality


Coaching fees
One-off / stand alone coaching sessions are £120 per hour

Each 6 Session Set is £600 (discounted to £100 per hour if paid in full in advance). Payment can be settled via cash or bank transfer.

How to contact me

If psychosynthesis coaching sounds like something that you would benefit from and you are ready and willing to engage in the process, then send an inquiry via the Contact page including a brief outline of why you are seeking coaching and the days and time that you would be available. I will then respond to you to arrange either a brief phone call or initial session.

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