"Owning our story can be hard, but not as nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it."



"'Psychotherapist' comes from the ancient Greek 'psyche' meaning 'soul' and 'therapeia' meaning 'guide'. A psychotherapist is really a 'soul guide' through your life journey."


Client testimonials..

All the testimonials below are authentic and given by real clients. However, for the purposes of confidentiality, I have changed their names. 


"I contacted Courage Counselling because I felt my life was in complete turmoil, that I had no one to talk to in confidence. I had suffered a family bereavement four years previously and assumed all of my emotional issues were connected to this. 

I met with Charlotte once a week and gradually, with her support, was able to unpick and discuss unhappy life events I'd buried for decades. Charlotte gave me the confidence to talk openly and freely, without the feeling of embarrassment or shame. 

Before accessing counselling I'd have never believed it would ever be possible to feel free from my deep rooted unhappiness and the associated guilt because this had been my norm for practically all of my adult life. However because of the counselling I'd received these unhappy feelings and guilt no longer exist. 

I'm now the happiest and most content I can ever remember feeling. I cannot recommend counselling enough, Courage Counselling has genuinely changed my life for the better and I will be eternally grateful to Charlotte for her care and expertise."


"Working with Charlotte has been a life changing experience for me and one that I wish I'd done earlier. It is clear that Charlotte has studied her field extensively, allowing her to guide me through the process of understanding myself and the world at a deeper level.

We live in a world focused on the material, but the value I gained from my time with Charlotte outweighs any luxury car, designer outfit or 5* holiday.

If you have read this far then take a leap of faith and contact Charlotte, your future self will thank you!"


"Charlotte was recommended to me by a family member who advised counselling would benefit me. I was nervous about counselling at first due to the shame around it and people thinking it was weak to ask for help. I put these thoughts way in the back of my mind after the first session with Charlotte. She supported me when I was going through a hard time when I ended a 6 year relationship and had also been dealing with self-harm that had built up for years.


My self-esteem and confidence has been built up over time in what I want to say to ensure that I am heard by others. Charlotte was a very easy, supportive and kind person to speak to and I can't thank you enough for all her support during a very uneasy time. I highly recommend her!"


"I had never done anything like counselling before and didn’t know what to expect or if it was even something I needed, but it was recommended by a friend who had noticed a change in me and they had seen Charlotte previously. I was very unsure of what to expect in the first session but once I sat down I felt comfortable straight away. 


I had a specific subject I wanted help with and this was very helpful, however, without even realising I was talking about stuff I didn’t even realise I was bothered so much by. After my sessions I have managed to get back on track in life and enjoy myself and my sleep again. I would highly recommend Charlotte and I am really glad I tried it."


"I got in contact with Charlotte at a time where it felt like rock bottom for me. I had not long had a baby and felt like I should be on top of the world, yet I felt like it was swallowing me up. Charlotte is one of the best counsellors I have seen - not only has she got the most up to date, current and relevant knowledge (she really knows her stuff), Charlotte has this kind natured energy about her that makes you feel at ease. She genuinely cares about every little thing you say in your sessions.


Charlotte was able to help me work through my darkness until I saw the light for myself. She taught me strategies to manage day to day and in all honesty, I don't know what I'd have done without her support. I would highly recommend seeing Charlotte."


"Having had counselling years ago with a wonderful therapist, I was really worried that the bar had been set so high that no one else would be able to reach it. But worry not, for as soon as I met Charlotte on our first session, I knew I was in safe hands. 

A very calming, gentle and insightful lady, Charlotte has been an absolute rock, leading me back to a place of strength and wellbeing.  She provides a tranquil, safe place and a deep warmth and understanding and she is so easy to trust and talk openly to. 

I am really grateful to have stumbled across her online and would highly recommend her as a very skilled and competent therapist but also a simply delightful lady."


"I saw Charlotte when I really didn’t know how to cope with my life anymore. Even though things looked great from the outside, I felt miserable and lost. I just had my first baby, a new job, new home and severe separation anxiety. My marriage was on the brink and I felt that I do not have much control over my emotions and moods anymore.


When I initially contacted Charlotte, I had no great expectations. I was just hoping for some ‘coping strategies’ that would help me through the very bad moments (usually in the evenings). But soon after I started seeing Charlotte things got much better. Better than I ever expected. Nearly every session brought me some sort of insight and I could see connections and patterns that I couldn’t see before.


I saw Charlotte for over a year; she helped me immensely and if I had hadn’t moved country, I would still see her because I got so much out of every session. She changed the way I deal with my anxiety; I look at things with much more confidence and realise how much I like myself now. It has changed the way I think about counselling and therapy. I now know that someone doesn’t have to live with their problems and anxieties, but that you can get professional help that really works and makes things easier. It’s not just about coping and getting by, it is really making a difference.


I am so grateful for this experience and can highly recommend it."


"Charlotte was recommended by a friend who had a very positive experience. I approached her as I found myself stuck in a very negative cycle that I could not navigate though.


My first session I found Charlotte to be very warm, empathic, relatable and very easy to talk to. She enabled me to explore things that I did not realise were causing me negativity and slowly work through aspects of my personality and life events, building up my confidence and self esteem. I am so grateful I went to Charlotte as she has helped me find who I am again after a very lost period."


"With Charlotte I have been able to emerge from an emotionally dark place, in a comfortable and safe environment. Charlotte has helped me to explore my feelings and create a new way of thinking, that has enabled me to focus on a better future for myself. She has given me the tools to face my demons and tackle previous issues I had in myself and learn to except myself. 

I cannot put it into words how thankful I am to have spent some time working with Charlotte. It’s benefited me in so many ways and has left me with teachings that will take with me in the next chapter of my life."


"I’m very grateful to you Charlotte!

🌈 Thank you for space to talk/think and work out what I feel about people and events in my life. 
🌈 Thank you for helping me navigate a difficult time. I know that our sessions helped greatly. Your voice was a steady support in a very  unsettled time.  
🌈 Thank you for your time and kindness in listening to me and your helpful insights. I do admire you for your dedication to your profession.
🌈 Thank you for your professionalism.
🌈 Thank you for helping me in recognising what is abuse and keeping me confident. 
🌈 Thank you for helping me “to keep my head above the water” in this such a difficult time and not letting me drown in guilt.
🌈 Thank you for your compassion. 
🌈 And thank you for always seeing your smile when I used to talk about my daughter."

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